India the land consisting of 6,38,00 villages, 5000 towns, and 400 Big cities. This is a wide field where the harvest is truly great with few laborers. With thousands of Pastors, Evangelists, Missionaries, Bible workers and Evangelistic Meetings working full time were are not able to reach them. 

Moving forward in faith, many unexpected doors continued to open. God opened a special way to reach the dying souls through TV ministries in India. The most powerful tool to reach the people right were they are. With many Christian friends we began the studio Construction. Mrs. Kandus Thorp, Vice president of Hope International leaving her home and family for six months lived among us and helped us to furnish the studio and training members of Hope Channel India.

At the end of 2010, Hope India started full time production with two studios (Stephen and HMS) and Editing room. Stephen studio serves as a pulpit for the spiritually blinded eyes of the viewers through the sermons. HMS Studio forms building block for programs relating to Family, Health, Lifestyle and Miracles that strengthens spiritual life. Programs are recorded in 5 regional languages by talents traveling from all parts of the country to deliver Gods message.

Hope Channel programs are available 24 hours in Hindi, Tamil, English, Kannada, Malayalam and Telugu. We telecast variety of programs to win people’s heart for Christ. Our mission is to spread the Three Angel’s message and to make a difference in physical and spiritual aspects in every family.

Birth of Hope Channel India


First day of production